Forest Lane Capital’s investment approach is centered around identifying, evaluating, and acquiring businesses that fit our prior experience and executive network expertise.  These criteria are as follows:


Revenue:  $5 to $50 million

Established History of Profitability

EBITDA:  $1 to 5 million (margins in excess of 10% of Revenue)

Strong recurring cash flow stream available to redeploy in growth and value-enhancing investments


Niche Manufacturing

Business and Industrial Services

Value-Added Distribution

Food & Beverage

Industrial Hygiene Products & Solutions

Specialty Testing Services


Founder-led and Family-owned business

Ability for Forest Lane Capital to leverage expertise of our Operating Advisors

Demonstrated business model without significant exposure to technology risk

Opportunities to drive value creation are identifiable and weighted toward factors that can be controlled

Pathway for organic growth as well as add-on acquisitions is a requirement

Industries with strong, long-term fundamentals

Management team that welcomes a hands-on/collaborative approach