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Who We Are

Forest Lane Capital (FLC) is a Pittsburgh-based private investment firm backed by committed family office capital.  We seek to make control equity investments in founder-led and family-owned businesses in sectors where we have experience including niche manufacturing, value-added distribution, and business & industrial services.  

FLC's guiding philosophy is to pursue only those opportunities where we can add tangible value through our network of seasoned operating advisors and executives.  We believe that combining the right mix of capital and operational resources provides us the greatest opportunity to build long-term equity value for our investors.  

FLC's approach to investing provides advantages to investors, business owners, and management teams in ways that include:  

  • Committed capital in place that is sufficient to fund and close any transaction that fits within our investment criteria without the need to raise outside equity
  • Patient capital with a long-term investment horizon and no fund life pressures allow us to make strategic decisions solely in the best interest of the company
  • Ability to leverage strategic investors and board members at each portfolio company investment based on domain expertise, interests, and skill sets
  • Dedicated time commitment spent at each portfolio company, while at the same time, investing material personal capital and man-hours in every transaction to demonstrate “skin in the game”

We’ve drawn on our extensive experience working with private equity sponsors, family offices, and independent sponsors to approach direct investing in a differentiated way that seeks to better align interests across all key stakeholders in a transaction.

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Core Values and Philosophies

Forest Lane Capital’s core values and philosophies, deployed within our own team as well as within every company and management team that are part of the Forest Lane family include the following:

  • Clearly Define the Vision and Definition of Success
  • Transparency with Stakeholders and Sharing in Upside
  • Focus on Human Capital and Company Culture
  • Apply Analytics and Tracking Tools to Make Fact-Based Decisions
  • Work Hard and Stay Disciplined
  • Be a Team Player and Lead by Example

The Story Behind Forest Lane

Dale Pokorney had a humble upbringing in West Virginia throughout the 1950s and 1960s. He went on to earn his medical degree before opening a Dermatology practice in the small Western Pennsylvania town of Sharon. Dr. Pokorney and his wife, Susan, later purchased their first and only home located on “Forest Lane.”

In addition to practicing medicine, Dr. Pokorney formed a private investment entity, “Forest Lane Associates,” with the purpose of making equity investments in locally owned and operated businesses. He went on to develop a successful track record by not only generating very strong returns across a portfolio of venture and later stage investments, but also helping to create jobs in an area with high unemployment. Dr. Pokorney was diagnosed with cancer in 2003 and passed away one year later at the age of 51.

While we have a diverse network of equity investors, Forest Lane Associates is a family office enterprise that provides our team the initial equity needed to close and fund our transactions without having to raise outside equity. Dr. Pokorney exemplified many of our core values & philosophies, and the name “Forest Lane Capital” is a way for us to honor his legacy.